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Adobe is a pioneering creativity and multimedia software organization, known for its hi-end image-editing Photoshop software which has emerged as the industry standard today. Some of the leading products of Adobe include Acrobat Reader for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, Acrobat DC Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Stock, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects among others. Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud offer an entire spectrum of designing apps and features for advanced users. To ensure smooth functionality of Adobe software, Adobe offers robust customer support, staffed with experienced professionals which can be contacted at Adobe phone number UK for assistance.

Here are some of the common issues faced by Adobe users:

Adobe software installation and updating issues: Usually this kind of issue is fixed by taking into account specific error codes encountered, for which Adobe offers complete step-wise guidelines to follow. Other causes include network or connectivity issues which might be responsible. Alternatively, an issue with firewall configuration could also be the issue. One can also start the system in safe mode and restart the system to continue downloading Creative Cloud app.

Adobe serial key issues: This issue is often faced while installing Creative Suite or other stand-alone Adobe product which gets the error message, “This serial number is not valid for this product.” Here are a few possible fixes:

  • Check the installer and Re-enter serial number
  • Delete the activation database files
  • Run the Creative Cloud (CC)Cleaner Tool and then Reinstall
  • Alternatively, try installing the product in trial mode
  • If nothing works, create a new user account and reinstall the product

If these fixes don’t work, it is recommended to get in touch with customer professionals at

Adobe contact number UK

for effective resolution.

Adobe video playback issues: There can be several issues with videos while working with Adobe Flash Player. It should be kept in mind that Flash Player 10 can use the graphics hardware on a system to accelerate video decoding. So, the most common cause is that your video adapter driver software might have incompatibility issues. One needs to check if they can view HTML5 video properly but can’t view non-HTML5 video, then Flash player might have an issue. Alternatively, if both can’t be viewed, the problem could be with the device driver. Depending on the OS you are using, follow guidelines by Adobe to resolve the issue. If technical issue remains unidentified, contact technical professionals at

Adobe support number UK

to get a robust solution.

Adobe pop-up text issues: One common issue faced is that pop-up text is too big and there is no place to click Enter. There is an easy fix for this. One can go to Edit menu>Preferences, then choose General category and change “Scale for Screen Resolution” to 100% and then reboot. It should fix the issue. It depends on your version of Acrobat you might be using that options may vary slightly. Other pop-up text related issues are resolved by Adobe in its support material in a stepwise manner. Adobe broken links: It is another common problem when image links in Adobe are broken and not work properly. There can be many causes for the same, including changed location for the files. One can either restore the files to their original location to use the link or even an advanced Link fixer tool can be used to regain access to lost files in this way. There can be critical data at stake and it would be recommended to seek expert help at Adobe helpline number UK in case nothing else works. Adobe support professionals have the right kind of tools and resources to resolve these issues effectively.

What’s more, to be of greater assistance to customers, Adobe offers specialized customer support services for each line of products and services it offers. This includes:
  • Adobe Acrobat Support
  • Adobe Flash Player Support
  • Adobe Lightroom Support
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Support
  • Adobe Photoshop Support
These customer support services offer detailed self-help guidelines for users as well as offer on-phone support through

Adobe customer care number UK

to ensure smooth functionality of products and optimal productivity for users at all times.


    • Problems related to installation.
    • Finding frozen screen and cursor.
    • Getting abrupt crashes of the application.
    • Not able to use some tools.
    • Not getting updates.
    • Unable to save your work on its cloud storage.

These are very common that almost users face while using software from Adobe. Its fixing requires some necessary steps that can be told by the technicians and for that our technicians are experts. They give you below-mentioned services in fixing the issues.


    • Help you in resolving installation issue.
    • Assistance in fixing frozen screen and cursor that you find.
    • Resolve abrupt application crashes issue.
    • Help in making the tools that are not working.
    • Assistance in updating the application.
    • Solution to save work on its cloud storage.

The technicians who work at Customer Help Number are having a great knowledge and years’ of experience in this arena therefore, they give the exact technical assistance in fixing the technical issues that you face while using Adobe software. We are 24 x 7 available to give accurate and proper solution for the problems at Adobe Support Number UK so that anytime you can get help in getting rid of your hitches.

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