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Brother printers are known for their advanced technology and offer state-of-the-art printing solutions for a variety of customer needs. Brother printers come in almost every shape and size to meet specific needs of customers and stand apart for their flawless functionality which is the primary reason for their wide customer base. In order to provide its customers a hassle-free experience, Brother printers offer one of the industry best customer support services. They employ a highly skilled team of technicians to resolve all technical issues with Brother printers. Users can easily avail technical support at Brother Printer Contact Number UK.

Here are some of the issues often encountered while working with Brother printers:

Toner Doesn’t Function Properly: At times, there can be an issue with toner which would give a message to the effect that you are out of toner when actually it’s just a sign that toner is getting low. Resetting toner can fix the issue the issue but if you are actually out of toner, you might need to replace it. Sometimes, after replacing the toner you will get the message asking for toner to be replaced. It is important to keep compatibility issues in mind while replacing toner but there is an easy fix to this issue. Press the Clear/Back button on the Control Panel while opening the cover at same time to bring up reset menu. If it doesn’t help, get in touch with professionals at Brother printer support number UK.

Not Printing Logo and Text at Same Time: Sometimes there can be an issue with printing a bitmap logo along with normal text, it will print either one or the other, but not both of them. To fix this, use the Anchor “As Character” setting for the images OR Export the document to PDF and print from PDF which should solve the issue.

Printer is Printing Only One Document: Occasionally, your printer might print only one document when you gave a command for more. In such a case, go to Control Panel and click on Printers. Right-click on Printer icon and select Properties. Under Advanced tab, you will find the option to enable advanced printing features. Disable and click OK. This should generally fix the issue but if it persists, there can be some other issue responsible which would require expert attention. Seek technical assistance from Brother printer phone number UK.

Here are some common error codes for Brother printers:

Error Code E50: It indicates that fuser unit has malfunctioned and might need to be replaced. Fuser unit gets heated up to bond the print onto paper but if it is too hot or not heating up enough there can be an issue. Turn off the printer for 5 minutes and do not use it for another 10 minutes which may allow fuser to adjust properly. If it doesn’t help, then toner could be replaced.

Error Code 20, 21, 22, 23: It indicates laser diode failure. Laser diodes write the information to be printed on the drum surfaces and it is not working properly. Simple solution is to switch off the machine for a few minutes and then turn it back on again. If the error code persists, laser unit may need to be replaced.

Error Code 31: It indicates density sensor failure. The density of printed text is checked by a sensor looking at the samples of toner placed on the belt. If restarting the printer doesn’t help, technicians at Brother printer helpline number UK might be able to sort out the issue.

Error Code 57: It indicates paper jam in the duplex unit. This usually happens while the printer is attempting double sided printing. Check for any paper in the duplex unit and remove the paper. If it doesn’t fix the issue, duplex unit has malfunctioned or duplex switch solenoid can also be the cause of problem. Replace the component which is malfunctioning to resolve it.

Brother printer customer care number UK offers round-the-clock service for resolving these and other technical issues which could be specific to certain models of Brother printers.


  • Printer driver does not install on the computer.
  • Cartridge related errors like refill or change that even after doing this.
  • Printer ink is not getting stable on paper.
  • Printouts seem lousy or blurry.
  • Fonts or texts are crooked.
  • Paper jams problem is occurring frequently.
  • Ink cartridge gets jammed.
  • Noticing errors while giving print command.
  • Not getting desired quality printouts.
  • Multifunction does not work properly.

You could face such problems while Brother Printer is in use, to fix those immediately; Customer Help Number UK is here to help by giving you below-mentioned services.


  • Help you in a proper way to install a printer driver on your computer.
  • Tech support in removing all the errors related to ink cartridge whether it is refill or related to change the cartridge.
  • Assistance in making printer ink stable on the paper.
  • Resolution for blurry or lousy printouts problem.
  • Easiest assistance in getting fonts or texts proper on the paper.
  • The correct solution for frequent paper jams issue.
  • Resolve jams problem of ink cartridge.
  • Technical assistance to remove the errors that you see while giving print command.
  • Help in getting desired quality printouts.
  • Proper assistance in getting multi-function worked in a right way.

These are a few examples of our services that we offer to solve the issues with the help of our skilled and qualified technicians by the state. They will give you easiest tech assistance that quickly resolves the issue. No one can guess that when tech problems occur but, you can surely get that resolved immediately by doing contact to the experts at your help desk.

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