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Canon is one of the largest printer manufacturers globally and known for its state-of-the-art technology and technical efficiency showcased in its exclusive line of products. Canon offers an entire spectrum of printing devices for accommodating a wide range of professional needs as well as for home use. It includes compact home and photo printers, home and small office printers for basic document printing needs along with professional photo and document printers, single-function and multifunction printers and more. To ensure smooth functional efficiency of its products, Canon offers exclusive support services for its customers. Canon employs trained professionals with the tools and technology to assist users and handle their queries in no time. Users can get in touch with customer support through Canon printer contact number UK.

Some of the common issues faced by users of Canon printers include:

No Paper Error: This usually occurs when papers are either not loaded in the tray or they are too thick or curled. Along with this, paper size and media typesetting should also correspond perfectly with papers loaded into the tray.

Printer Driver’s setup issues: If there are difficulties in printing properly, it could be possible that printer drivers are either not installed properly or are not updated as they should be. This can affect the functionality of your printer and needs to be looked into immediately. If the issue persists, it would be better to seek professional help from Canon printer support number UK.

Printer is not responding: When trying to print in a Wireless LAN environment, one might get the message, “Printer is not responding,” for which there can be various causes:

  • The system might have lost connection with access point (wireless router), in which case you need to reboot the system and then try to print.
  • Access point or wireless router and wireless printer might not be communicating. This requires turning off both wireless router and printer and then turning them on again to restore communication.
  • Printer driver many not have been configured to the proper port.
There could be various other reasons responsible for an unresponsive printer. If the issue remains unresolved, approach technical support professionals through Canon printer phone number UK to quickly resolve the issue.

Paper Jamming Issues: Sometimes, when you are trying to print, papers might get stuck in the loading tray. In such an instance, the printer flashes orange to signal there is an issue requiring attention. One can carefully remove the papers from the loading tray, reset them properly and press Resume button on front side of the printer to continue printing without issues.

Some Canon Printer Error Codes:

Error Code E13: Ink cartridges have run out of ink and need to be replaced. Compatibility issues should be kept in mind while replacing cartridges.

Error Code E04: This indicates that cartridges have been installed incorrectly in your printer. Retract output tray cover and open the cover to remove cartridges and then re-install by pushing them in until they click into its place. Close the cover and print. If it doesn’t work, users are recommended to not experiment with the printer and get in touch with Canon printer helpline number UK for technical assistance.

Error Code E14: An orange light blinks 14 times and indicates that ink cartridge is not supported by your printer. This could be a result of compatibility issues or ink tank being sold in a different region from where printer was obtained.

Error Code B200: This refers to a service error which might have occurred due to hardware failure with printer or the print head. Turn off the printer, disconnect power cable, open printer cover, check for orange protective tape and remove to check for any foreign objects inside the printer. Remove any foreign object found and close the cover to reconnect and turn on the printer.

There are a number of such error codes for each type of issue that might come up with a Canon printer which help identify the cause but it’s best to contact Canon printer customer care number UK if in doubt.


  • Multifunction features like scan or copy does not work properly.
  • Ink cartridge of printer gets jammed.
  • Ink smears on the papers.
  • Not getting proper driver for printer.
  • Printer does not work on windows or Mac.
  • Printouts are having white lines.
  • Getting abrupt shutdown of printer.
  • Frequently paper stuck.
  • Printer does not connect to the network.
  • Troubleshooting issues.

When any of such issue bothers you then, talk to the experts of Customer Help Number UK who are 24 hours available here to help and give you below-mentioned services.


  • Technical assistance to make you understand how to get scan or copy feature work of Canan Multi-function printer.
  • Solution for jams of ink cartridge.
  • Help in fixing ink smears issue.
  • Assist you in getting the proper driver.
  • Support to make printer work on windows or Mac.
  • Suggest you how to remove while lines from the printouts.
  • Technical assistance if you printer gets abrupt shutdown.
  • Resolve paper stuck problem.
  • Help in connecting the printer to the network.
  • Solution for all trouble shooting issues.

Every technician in our team has a great knowledge and qualified by the state, therefore they give you the correct technical support services. They will tell you the easiest way that you will understand without any obstacle. So, do contact us and talk to our specialists to get rid of technical issue concern in a short while.

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