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Dell is one of the best known technology companies based in US, engaged in manufacturing a wide range of digital products including the entire range of printers to meet varied needs of millions of users worldwide. Dell printers come in almost every shape and size from the simplest designs or regular back and white printers to the most advanced printing devices designed to meet specialized needs of professional users, accommodating high volume prints easily. What sets apart Dell from its competitors is its technological superiority and unmatched technical support for all of its products. Dell users can avail of Dell tech support with great ease through Dell printer contact number UK.

Dell support staff is known for its technical expertise and advanced tools which enable them to deftly handle any technical issues with Dell printers. Here we would outline some of the common issues faced with Dell printers:

Ink Cartridge Issues: Problems with printing often takes place due to incorrectly installed cartridges. In order to fix it, remove the cartridge and remove blue packaging tape from the ink cartridge. It is to be kept in mind that black ink cartridge is inserted in the left-hand compartment and color-ink cartridge is inserted in the right-hand compartment. Close the cover and then print.

Printer is Unable to Print: One of the reasons for this could be that ink cartridge is clogged. One needs to carefully remove the cartridge and wipe the cartridge head with a piece of cotton with some alcohol on it which should remove any traces of dried ink from the cartridge. It should fix the issue in most cases, but if this doesn’t help, one can look for professional help through Dell printer support number UK.

Paper Stuck with No Paper Jamming: One needs to look for the paper stuck in printer and remove it carefully. However, at times it might look like a paper is stuck inside but the actual issue is with the rollers which can get a little loose while printing. The solution is to carefully tighten up the rollers to fix the issue which should work most often.

Issues with Dell Printer Driver Setup: This is one of the most common problems where printer drivers are corrupted, damaged or simply need to be updated. Compatibility issues must be kept in mind while downloading driver updates from Dell website. If there is still an issue with printer drivers, it is perhaps best to approach technical professionals at Dell printer phone number UK.

Some common Dell Printer Errors and Error Codes:

Print Head Error: Dell printers trigger a print head error if there is any kind of blockage and the culprit is often ink which can easily cause blockage of printer head. Some printers even have an in-built head-cleaning option within the utility. If this error shows up but the print head isn’t blocked, it might need to be replaced due to malfunctioning. However, this error does not apply to laser toner printers.

Error Code 016-370: If this error message shows up on the Dell LCD panel, one needs to turn off the printer and then turn it back on after ten seconds which should clear the code. If it doesn’t help, NVRAM may need to be reset on the system. If following the instructions doesn’t resolve error codes related issues, it is recommended to contact Dell printer helpline number UK for assistance.

Error Code 009-360: It can indicate that toner cartridge CRUM communication failure is detected. It might require turning off the printer and then waiting for 10 seconds before turning it back on. The code should be cleared on restarting the printer but if it doesn’t, then toner cartridge might need to be replaced.

Dell boasts of a high quality technical support network which ensures that each user enjoys smooth functionality and makes the most of powerful Dell printing technology. For the technical issues discussed here along with any other possible issues, Dell printer customer care number UK is 24X7 ready to provide professional assistance for users.


  • Printer does not get proper network connection.
  • Wireless printer is not printing from a mobile device.
  • Facing driver related issue.
  • Printer shuts down in the middle of working.
  • Complications in installation.
  • Error messages are coming during print command.
  • Printer is using too much ink or toner.
  • Not able to troubleshoot.
  • Paper jams issue.
  • Not working properly on your windows.

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  • Solve network connection problems.
  • Assistance how to get printouts from a mobile device in wireless printer.
  • Resolution of driver issue.
  • Technical support in fixing sudden shutdown of printer.
  • Remove all the installation complications.
  • Assistance in stopping error messages those come during print commands.
  • Help in resolving tones problems.
  • Troubleshooting solution.
  • Solution for paper jams issue.
  • Technical assistance in getting printer worked on windows.

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