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Gmail stands apart as one of the most sought-after web-based email services offered by Google. Some of the primary advantages in working with Gmail include the kind of flexibility and seamless connectivity it offers across multiple platforms. One can easily communicate via Gmail even on the slowest of network speeds almost anywhere. Another unique advantage is the way it allows its users to access an entire range of Google apps and services, which is why most of the mobile devices today are Google-enabled, empowering the user with an array of features and capabilities. Gmail support promises highly professional services as well, dedicated to resolving any queries through Gmail phone number UK in no time.

Technical professionals at Gmail support are well equipped to deal with any issues that might be encountered by users with the intent to ensure smooth functionality. Here are some of the common issues faced by users while working with Gmail:

Lost or Forgotten Gmail Password: This is probably the most common problem faced by Gmail users but there is no reason to worry as one can simply follow the steps to recover password and access the account. However, if for some reason it does not work, technical support can be sought through Gmail contact number UK where professionals offer a robust solution for Password recovery.

Problems in Attaching or Downloading A File: Although Gmail works flawlessly on even the slowest internet speeds, still sometimes users get stuck while downloading attachments or attaching files. One first needs to check for proper network connectivity and if all wires and cables are properly plugged in. If it doesn’t fix the issue, then Gmail could be running out of 15 GB data storage space offered by Google. This could be due to large files stored in Google Drive. The solution is simply to clear up the space so files can be attached with ease in Gmail.

Password Hacked or Account Inaccessible: It is not often that security breach takes place in Gmail but if such an issue occurs, one must try all the conventional means to regain access to Gmail account. One might have set security settings too high and then forgotten some of the data required to access Gmail which could lead to this situation. However, if security breach really did take place, it would be best to approach Gmail customer support at Gmail helpline number UK for a solution.

Difficulty in Configuring Gmail with Outlook: Users commonly get confounded while trying to configure Gmail with Outlook which requires following a series of steps but it has to be done both ways. First, one needs to configure Gmail to work with Outlook. This means enabling IMAP protocol for Gmail account:

  • Log into Gmail account, go to Settings.
  • Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP to bring up the requisite settings.
  • Click on Enable IMAP, next, click on Save Changes.
After having configured Gmail for IMAP, one can add the Gmail account to Outlook. The specific steps depend on the version of Outlook one might be using. If there are any technical issues faced here, users are recommended to seek expert help through Gmail support number UK. Gmail technical staff has the right kind of tools, resources and knowledge to help configure Gmail with Outlook quickly.

Excess of Unwanted (Spam) Mails in Primary Mailbox: One simply needs to mark any unwanted mails as spam which would ensure that future mails from that address would land up directly in Spam folder. This spam folder can be cleared out with a single click. For advanced users, there are a host of filters and advanced settings to ensure that mails from specific users or group of users land up in a specific folder. A similar issue occurs often with unsubscribing unwanted mails and this might be the case even with a newsletter one may have subscribed earlier but no longer finds it useful. Filters should come to the rescue of users here as well.

Any technical issues related to Gmail are attended to and resolved in no time by technical professionals employed by Google. Apart from online support, phone-based support can also be approached at Gmail customer care number UK.


  • Gmail account might get hacked by someone else.
  • Your Email account is not secure just by strong password etc.
  • Unable to set Two Step Authentication Feature in your gmail account
  • Due to some other technical faults, user is unable to send or receive messages
  • Lots of unwanted Spam or Junk emails in your mailbox Primary folder
  • How to set Gmail account profile pic?
  • How to set Gmail account status?
  • How to configure Gmail account on Mobile Phones, Smart Phones etc?
  • If you are facing issues in Google Drive, technically or non technically
  • Attachment of files and folders are creating problems in Gmail features.
  • Not able to delete or unsubscribe unwanted emails
  • Forgotten Gmail account password
  • Forgotten Gmail Security questions
  • Not able to delete Gmail account completely
  • Forgot your recovery questions

These are the common issues that can occur anytime whenever you utilize Gmail therefore, right assistance is needed and Customer Help Number Experts team gives you that in a short while.


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