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Hotmail is no doubt an immensely popular emailing service offered by Microsoft. For last few years, Hotmail and Outlook work interchangeably and allow for a greater breadth of user experience than was earlier possible. This is achieved by bringing together the best of both where Outlook functions as the ideal Desktop email client while users can utilize domain name of either Hotmail or Outlook with no issues. There is virtually unlimited storage offered by Hotmail along with access to Outlook as an integrated personal information management tool with a host of features and capabilities. When a user faces any issues with accessing or utilizing Hotmail, dedicated support offered by Microsoft comes in handy.

One can easily get in touch with technical experts to resolve any and all issues through hotmail phone number UK for assistance. They have the necessary technical tools and experience of dealing with such technical issues and working out a solution without losing time. Some of the common issues faced by Hotmail users include:

Hotmail Account Password is Incorrect: First step is obviously to recheck the Password and make sure you are entering the correct one, keeping in mind it is case-sensitive. One still might get the message, “Password is incorrect. Be sure you are using the password for your Microsoft account.” This means that account security has been breached one way or the other. Replying to a phishing email with account credentials or forgetting logging out of a public computer could allow others to access the account and change password if security settings are not set high enough. It would be best in this case to seek expert assistance from

Hotmail contact number UK

where professionals would resolve it efficiently and ensure you regain access to the account in no time.

Unable to Send/Receive Emails in Hotmail/Outlook Account: If you are sending or receiving mails in high volumes, it could risk exceeding the daily limit for mails set by Hotmail to prevent spammers from having an easy day at work. Adding a large number of recipients in a single email can also create an issue as Hotmail might consider it spamming. If the content is similar to that in most junk or promotional mailers, then also Hotmail might block the mail from being sent. If the issue is with receiving mails, it is possible that it’s simply going in your Junk or Spam folder. Adding the sender to your contacts should help. If there is still an issue, Rules on the Hotmail/Outlook account need to be looked into. For persistent issues,

Hotmail support number UK

should be contacted for instant help with the same.

Mailer Daemon Error in Hotmail Account: When trying to send a message, at times one might get an error message for undelivered mail returned to sender (Mailer Daemon). This means that the recipient might have blocked your account and simple solution is to get in touch with the recipient on phone or another email and ask for unblocking the account or domain. However, there can be other issues as well, which would require answering questions like, when did the issue first occur, did it happen with just one of the recipients or all of them and if one has set up email as an exchange server. Depending on the responses, proper solution can be sought from support professionals at

Hotmail helpline number UK.

Microsoft Account Does Not Exist: If you get the message “Microsoft account doesn’t exist,” there could be several reasons responsible for the same. One of them could be that the user renamed the email address into a new account and as a result, original account name would act as an Alias and logging in with the same might get this message. Another reason could be that the account was not accessed in the last 365 days which could thus have been deleted due to inactivity.

Hotmail support professionals are aware of all these and other issues that might be faced by users and work diligently to ensure that users enjoy smooth functionality at all times. For a positive user experience and resolution of issues, users can get in touch with these experts at

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