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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a global tech giant known for its innovative technology and advanced technical expertise. HP also offers a wide range of printing solutions for both home and business needs, from the simplest of home printers to some of the most advanced photo and document printers to accommodate specialized needs of professional users. HP printing solutions and devices stand apart for their smooth functionality and adaptability, which allows business users to enjoy competitive advantage. HP offers cutting edge technical support as well, making it possible for users to resolve any technical issues without losing precious time. They can get in touch with technical support professionals at

HP printer contact number UK.

HP hires and trains professionals to assist customers in the best possible manner and enhance their overall user experience. If you are a HP Printer user then you are lucky because there is no worry if you faced any types of problem related to HP printer.you can simply dial HP Printer contact Number uk and you will get instant solution by HP Expert. HP provides you various platform for resolving your issues as well as increase your technical knowledge. Here i am listing some plateform that will defenatily helps you to resolve your problems:

1) HP Customer Support: : This is the beautifull section designed by the Hewlett-Packard (HP). Here you can search all support related to your problem. Simply enter your product name or serial number along with keywords and questions and you will find dozens of solution. Apart than this you will also find some beautifull sections Like:

A) Find Your Product: Get Troubleshooting articles, manuals, drivers and more - for your product.
B) Get Software and Drivers : Easily find the software, drivers and firmware you need for your HP product.
c) Print/Scan/Fax Learning Centre: Learn how to print, Scan and Fax with your HP Printer.
D) Windows 10 Support Center : Resolve Windows 10 or update issues on an HP computer and printer.

You can also find other support resources, some of them are :

1) Support Portal Guided Tour
2) HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows
3) Check your product warranty
4) Local Service and Support Locator
5) HP Replacement Parts
6) View and manage support agreements
7) HP Support Video Gallery
8) Import/Export Classification Data

HP Customer Support

Here are some of the technical issues often encountered with HP printers:

HP Printer Installation Error: HP printers come with a number of advanced features and there is additional software along with the driver packages which need to be installed correctly. Commonly, one might get one of these error messages while installing and setting up HP printer and drivers:
  • Fatal Error During Installation
  • Driver Fatal Install
  • Fatal Error 2753 – MSI.dot4wrp
  • The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)
It would be best to reboot the system and printer once to see if it fixes the problem, or it could need to reinstall HP driver software to ensure the printer functions smoothly. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, seek professional assistance from

HP printer support number UK.

Toner Doesn’t Function Properly: If toner is causing problems and not working properly it could be because of a defective fuser, faulty toner cartridge or you could be getting Clean Fuser Input message. This message indicates that it requires cleaning. Open the front cover of HP printer to remove toner cartridge to reach fuser assembly. If the cleaning doesn’t help, it could mean that either toner cartridge has been damaged or fuser has failed which is causing the problem. It would require replacing the faulty component for the printer to work properly.

Paper Squeeze or Paper Jammed: It is another common problem faced with HP printers, where paper is jammed which could occur due to incorrect paper tray and type or due to a lose paper roller as well. Sometimes, even dust getting settled inside can cause this issue or bits of paper might be stuck inside. Carefully remove the paper tray and remove any paper stuck inside or if you chose an incorrect paper type, choose the correct one from the printer properties. If the issue remains unidentified, contact support technicians at HP printer phone number UK for a viable solution.

Windows Sending Print Jobs to Wrong Printer: Windows could be selecting the default printer by itself which could lead to this problem. Go to Devices and Printers section, locate Printers and Faxes. Choose Set As Default Printer option for the printer you want to use. Restart the computer and printer and the issue should be resolved. If it doesn’t help, professional help might need to be sought.

HP Printer Error Codes and Solutions:

Error Code 10: This indicates “Supplies Memory Error” and you need to turn off the printer and then turn it on to reset memory and power settings which should resolve the issue. Depending on the printer type and model, this could require different approach to be solved. In case of any confusion, look for expert assistance from

HP printer customer care number UK.

Error Code 12: It means that either the Printer is open or there is no cartridge in the printer. Close the top cover of your HP printer and ensure that holder switch is positioned properly. If it doesn’t solve the issue, check the cooling fan, toner cartridge and PS5 sensors for any problems and if you are unable to point out a cause, get in touch with

HP printer helpline number UK

for further assistance.


  • Software seems missing for the HP printer.
  • HP Printer is printing blank papers.
  • Getting complications in updating or installing HP driver.
  • HP Installation or set up problems.
  • Complication in getting desired quality printouts.
  • HP Printer does not work when connected via USB.
  • Problems related to HP ink cartridge.
  • Ink is missing on the printouts.
  • Rectifying slow speed.
  • HP Printer does not connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Customer Help Number UK is a leading technical support and has the correct solution for such issues those are mentioned below.


  • Assistance in fixing a missing software issue.
  • Technical assistance in case printer is printing blank papers.
  • Guide you the correct way to update or install printer driver.
  • Help you in solving installation and set up problems.
  • Proper solution to get desired quality printouts.
  • Get the printer worked via USB.
  • Resolve all ink cartridge issues.
  • Assistance in getting ink on the paper that you find missing.
  • Solution for slow speed of printer.
  • Technical assistance in connecting printer to the Wi-Fi network.

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