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Lexmark is known for its high-quality printing solutions and the wide range of printing products to cover varied needs of its customer base. Lexmark offers the entire range of printing products starting from simple yet elegant printing devices for students and home users to hi-end heavy duty printers used for commercial purposes. Professional range of Lexmark printers leave behind nothing to be desired and offers an array of advanced functionalities in an entire range of specialized printing solutions. To complement the technology, Lexmark also offers an excellent technical support for its customers who have the best of technicians at their disposal to resolve their queries at Lexmark printer Phone number UK.

IDC MarketScape names Lexmark a leader in Security Solutions and Services.If you are looking for support then Lexmark offers the imaging solutions, technologies , Support and services you need to succeed. Lexmark Provide their Customer support in three categories:

1) Product Support & Service : In this Categories You can get support for Device support and Virtual Technical Support.
2) Drivers & Utilities : In this Categories You can get support for Drivers & Downloads, Universal Print Driver, Device Firmware and OS Compatibility.
3) Device Registration & Information : In this Category you can register Your device, Get your warranty Information and see lenxmark tech library.

Apart than these support lenxmark provide you two beautifull plateform where you can get solution related to your problems:
1) Lenxmark Support: Here you will find various options like Printers, Supplies and Accessories , Industries and Solutions , Various types of services and Customer Support. you have to do simply browse the section and get information according your needs alternative simply dial lexmark contact number uk for hashless support.

Lexmark Support

2) Lexmark Product : In this section you can get information related to products.There are there categories in this section Printers & Multifunction Devices, Ink/Toner & Supplies and order related Help.Browse these section and get your dream solutions.

Lexmark Product

Here we would outline some of the most commonly occurring technical issues with Lexmark printers:

Problems in Printing Properly: First thing to do in such a case is to look for paper size setting in your printer settings and change the settings if needed. Next, restart the printer and if the printer does not seem ready to receive the data then make sure that “Ready” button appears on the front panel of printer, only then send the print job. It is also helpful to check if papers are properly loaded in the paper tray and essential to use compatible printer cables etc. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can always get in touch with support staff at Lexmark

printer Contact number UK.

Paper Feeding Problem: After checking the paper size settings in printer, make sure that no loose paper is stuck in the loading tray. If there is any, remove the paper or paper bits and replace the rear panel before restarting the printer. This should fix the problem in most cases. For further guidance, see support material.

Paper Prints from Incorrect Paper Source: If the printer is printing from the wrong print media, check for Paper Type settings in the Paper menu. Restart the printer after changing the settings if required. It is important to ensure that printer settings are in order for it to function properly. If even after changing the settings issues isn’t solved, professional assistance should be sought from

Lexmark printer support number UK.

Show 280 Paper Jam/Open Cover Message: This message indicates an issue with the transport unit. If this is not installed properly, there could be an issue with smooth functionality of printer. Reinstalling it correctly should be of help.

Printer Driver-Related Issues: A number of printer related errors are caused due to a problem with printer drivers which might require reinstalling or need to be updated. Corrupt or damaged drivers can affect the functionality of printer and give rise to multiple problems with their source in faulty drivers. It is important to ensure that printer drivers are compatible and any updates are received from the correct source to ensure proper functionality. For advanced solutions, contact

Lexmark printer helpline number UK.

Here are a few Lexmark Laser Printer Error Codes:

Error 20 & Error 200: This indicates Input Paper Sensor was not triggered and paper could be jammed at the sensor. Requires removing toner cartridge to access jammed paper which can then be removed. If paper is still not picked up by the printer, check paper tray and pickup rollers which might need replacing.

Error 24: It means that defined paper size is too short to print the data in its current format. It would require either change in paper size or in data format to suit the paper size.

Error 38: It indicates that the memory used to store pages is full. Check memory status in printer and if it recognizes all installed memory. If everything is in order, you need to install additional memory or simplify the print job so it can be carried out.

It should be noted that error codes could be specific to certain printer models and may not be applicable to all printer models in general. Keeping this in mind, you can look for specific support material or guidelines on how to identify the exact error based on error codes in your printer, or simply contact

Lexmark printer customer care number UK for help.


  • Not getting desired quality printouts.
  • Rectifying slow speed.
  • Software related problem.
  • Problems related to ink cartridge.
  • Printer does not connect to the Wi-Fi network properly.
  • Printer does not print on the printouts.
  • Does not work when connected via USB.
  • Issues related to installation or set up.
  • Black ink is missing on the printed papers.
  • Getting complications in updating or installing driver.

Such kinds of technical issues usually come while users use a Lexmark Printer and we are here, to resolve that immediately by offering you below services.


    • Correct solution to get desired quality printouts.
    • Assistance in resolving slow speed of printer.
    • Technical assistance in fixing software issue.
    • Sort out all ink cartridge issues.
    • Technical assistance in getting the printer to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Solution for printer is not printing ink on the paper.
    • Help in case making printer work via USB.
    • Resolve installation and set up problems.
    • Technical assistance in case printer is printing black ink.
    • Assist you the correct way to update or install printer driver.

We are technical support at Lexmark Printer Technical Help Number UK to give you the needed and immediate technical assistance in resolving the tech issues that you are facing during the use of your printer. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians works throughout the day to give you support anytime. So, contact us when you are fed up technical issue of your printer.

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