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Microsoft is the indisputable global leader in digital technology and innovation which has shaped the modern workspace with its era-defining products including Windows OS, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Skype and OneDrive among others. These and other Microsoft innovations have changed the way people communicate, collaborate and work. Thanks to constant upgrades and introduction of new features and technical capabilities at regular intervals, Microsoft customers always stay ahead of the curve. On top of it all, Microsoft offers a robust customer support system to assist its users with any technical issues that might be affecting their productivity. Users can easily get in touch with trained technical professionals through Microsoft phone number UK and find an instant solution to any issues.

Here are some of the common issues faced by Microsoft users:

  1. Issues in installation of Windows: There can be several issues with installing a newer version of Windows. It should be a smooth process but is issues persist, unplug all unnecessary hardware and disable all antivirus and firewall, then reboot. If it still doesn’t work, run a troubleshooter depending on your version of Windows. If you are asked for a product key, you can skip it and move on to the next step. If the installer still hangs for hours and reboots continuously, it is probably best to look for expert technical assistance at Microsoft helpline number UK.
  2. Unable to open a specific file or document in MS Office: It is probably a compatibility issue and one needs to upgrade the MS Office version to the latest one, if removing temporary files on system doesn’t help, or the file could be corrupt or damaged.
  3. Microsoft office Application compatibility issues: For instance, MS Access 2007 not working with Office 2010. This is another typical compatibility issue faced by users where backward compatibility of MS Office 2010 comes into the question. If there is no backward compatibility for a specific application, it may be best to update to a newer version of application.
  4. Windows Updates not working: There can be a number of issues and Microsoft offers a complete guided walk-through for such issues in keeping with the Windows version you are using. This includes specific fixes for specific error codes that might be encountered. If it still doesn’t work, technical professionals at Microsoft support number UK can help resolve the issue effectively.
  5. Skype Sign- In Issues: It could be because you recently updated to a newer version of Skype and trying to log in through Facebook, then you just need to follow a few steps to continue using Skype. Try using Skype for Web, if it’s working fine, it means there are no issues with credentials. Delete shared .xml file which might fix the issue. If there is still an issue, update your firewall to let Skype through. In some cases, Skype might already be running in the background.

To resolve these and other technical issues, Microsoft support offers round-the-clock professional services for its customers who can call up Microsoft Contact Number UK for immediate assistance.

Most importantly, Microsoft offers specialized customer support for its users for specific set of products to be of greater assistance to its valued customers. This includes:

Microsoft Windows Support: Support services are dedicated to keep Windows up and running by resolving any technical issues.
Microsoft Office Support: Office support includes detailed support material along with on-phone technical assistance. Microsoft Outlook Support: Outlook support offers robust solution to all issue quickly.
Microsoft Skype Support: Skype is the way to communicate in today’s digital world, whether it be with friends, family or at work. Lightning quick resolution of common issues is afforded by Skype support.
Microsoft Xbox Support: Gamers everywhere rate Xbox as one of the finest gaming consoles today. Support services ensure efficient and smooth operability of Microsoft Xbox for hi-end gaming experience.

Each of these customer support services offer specialized update, repair, upgrade related support for its suite of products along with resolving specific technical issues faced by users. Microsoft customer care number UK can be contacted for efficient resolution of any technical issues related to Microsoft products and services without delay.


      • Microsoft Office is not getting installed on your system.
      • Product gets frozen in amid of running task.
      • MS Word is running on your system.
      • Not able to save your work.
      • Unable to update Office 365.
      • Program get crashed abruptly.

When you find such kind of issue, do something to fix that because this process requires some necessary steps that can only be told by the technicians and for that our technicians are skilled. They give you below-mentioned services in fixing the issues.


    • Technical assistance in fixing installation issue.
    • Resolve freezing program problem.
    • Help in resolving slow running issue of MS Word.
    • Assistance in saving work that you do.
    • Technical assistance in updating Office 365.
    • Solution for abrupt crashes problem.

    We Customer Help Number are having a team of best and knowledgeable technicians who are having a great experience in this field. Therefore, they give finest technical assistance that is very easy to follow and fast resolves the issue and available to serve you 24 x 7 at Microsoft Help Number UK. You must contact them when any tech issue bothers you.

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