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Outlook is a powerful emailing platform which allows accessing emails from various domains in a single place almost effortlessly to ensure easier and simpler accessibility. Not only that, Outlook also doubles up as an information management system complete with calendar, tasks and event scheduling tools, which can serve as a powerful tool for professionals who are almost always on the go. Security features of Outlook also make it the best choice for users from all walks of life because speed and accessibility means nothing without online security. However, technical issues might still be faced by users for which, Microsoft has put in place a reliable network of Outlook support professionals to assist the users. They can be contacted with ease through Outlook phone number UK at almost any hour for quick resolution of issues.

Issues with Configuring Outlook Account: Users need to follow a series of steps outlined by Microsoft in its support material on how to setup Outlook. If the user is following the steps properly but there is an issue with the configuration, the issue could be using the steps for a different version of Outlook from the one you are trying to configure. Each version of Outlook comes with a separate set of guidelines for configuration as well as other settings. If the user finds it confusing or gets stuck at some point and unable to configure Outlook account properly, it is perhaps best to seek technical assistance from professionals t Outlook contact number UK.

Password Not Accepted by Outlook: If the password you are entering is not accepted by Outlook, you might have forgotten the password which can be recovered or reset by following the steps for password recovery in Outlook. However, if something seems out of place, or if you are sure the password is correct, it could be a case of data breach which would require expert assistance to identify the issue, save critical data and regain access to the account. Users can get in touch with support professionals at Outlook helpline number UK. Data security should always be high enough which is possible by using the advanced setting provided by Outlook.

Problems with Sending or Receiving Mails in Outlook: If you are unable to send or receive mails in Outlook or it appears stuck, it can slow down the pace of work it is essential to identify the issue responsible. Often, resetting any loose wires or cables or even rebooting the system after cleaning up excess junk files might resolve the issue. If it doesn’t help, it is possible that .PST file in Outlook has grown large in size and needs to be dealt with. There are several tools available for advanced users to split .PST files or compress to ensure smooth functionality. In case of any problems, one should consult technicians at Outlook support number UK for complete assistance.

How to Recover Deleted Mails in Outlook: At times, one might need access to a deleted item or a message might have been inadvertently deleted and needs to be restored. This is possible by accessing the Deleted Items folder which can easily be located on the email folder list and message moved/restored to the desired folder with help of available options. Any deleted message stays in the Deleted Items folder for some time before being permanently deleted. However, it is also possible to restore permanently deleted items in Outlook with certain advanced settings. For this, one needs to go to Deleted Items folder and select Home>Recover Deleted Items from Server. Next, from the Recoverable Items folder, select the message in question and click on Restore Selected Items>OK. Thus recovered items would be moved to the Deleted Items folder, from where they can be restored easily as discussed above. However, the method described here is for those using Exchange account for Outlook.

Outlook support is dedicated to resolving these and all other user queries within the least amount of time possible. Technicians hired by Microsoft for the purpose are equipped with perfect tools and resources to help users enjoy smooth functionality and a high level of efficiency. For phone-based support, users can contact professionals at

Outlook customer care number UK



  • Send / Receive errors.
  • Outlook crashes while printing.
  • Unable to send emails.
  • Outlook email images not showing up.
  • Unable to send attachments from outlook.
  • Can’t access (Not opening) Outlook email account.
  • Span feature not working
  • Unable to upload (.pst) files.
  • Unable to open Outlook.
  • Recovery of old emails.
  • Uploading .pst files from backup.

If you find any issue that is mentioned above, then immediately Call

Outlook Support Number UK

to get to know about the solution for the issues by having the proper assistance from the end of our technicians. They will provide you such below services in countering the concerns


    • Configuration of Microsoft Outlook email account.
    • Configure AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, Verizon, and other email account in Microsoft Outlook.
    • Setting up Microsoft Outlook email account on your phone or tablet.
    • Installing Microsoft Outlook Messenger and other services.
    • Windows firewall blocking your Microsoft outlook account.
    • Import / Export Outlook calendar to google calendar.
    • Recovering deleted emails.

We understand that how important your Outlook is for you therefore, we give you instant support in fixing the problems that you face at your 24 hours opened help line number of Outlook Support Number UK. Our experts are having a great knowledge with years’ of experience in this field. Do contact us to get an immediate and accurate solution for the issue that you while using Outlook Account.

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