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Windows Phone Number UK

Windows Phone Number UK +44-800-090-3240

Despite a number of competitive and efficient Operating System available in the market, Microsoft Windows has created a niche for itself as the most widely used OS worldwide. What makes it so popular is its easy-to-use interface and host of adaptable features which make it the best choice for a layman who doesn’t know much about technical side of computers and operating systems. Windows 10 is the latest version of this OS which is in high demand by users across the world but it doesn’t mean there are no technical issues faced. This is exactly why Microsoft offers efficient and highly professional support solutions through Windows phone number UK for Windows users.

Customer support at Microsoft stands apart due to technical excellence of the support professionals employed for the purpose. They have requisite tools, knowledge and experience to deftly handle all customer queries and resolve them in a time-bound manner.

How to Get Microsoft Support for Windows ?
Microsoft not produce only different types of Operating System, also provide different types of Support options:
1) Windows Insider Program : This is the beautifull plateform provided by microsoft here you can Solve problems with your skills and creativity.Use Your Talents To Support Your Community.Be Part Of A Diverse Global Community and Explore the next version of Windows.
2) Windows Support : In this section Microsoft provide you solution of common problem related to your windos version. you will get complete solution for problems like Upgrade to Windows,Install Windows Service Pack,Create installation media for Windows,Activate Windows, Find your Windows product key,About Genuine Windows,32-bit and 64-bit Windows: Frequently asked questions and Fix Windows Update errors.
Windows Support
3) THE WINDOWS BLOG : This is the blog section of Microsoft Maintainy by the Company. Its a combination of informative stuff. To read regular basis you can be uptaded with latest technology and can increase your knowledge label.
Windows Blog
4) ASK THE COMMUNITY : This is the community section maintained by Microsoft. Here you can share your problem according your product with the large community and get answered by expert. you can also share knowledge with others.
Windows Community

Here are some of the most common issues faced by Windows users:
Issues in Installation and Updating of Windows 10: While installing a new version of Windows it is essential to remove all hardware or devices which are not needed at the time, disable the antivirus and firewall as well and then reboot to ensure smooth installation of Windows. If there are persistent issues, try running a troubleshooter provided by Microsoft support to resolve the issue. The choice of troubleshooter depends on the version of Windows you are trying to install. Product key may also be asked but it can conveniently be skipped by user and if there are still issues, instantly get in touch with professionals at

Windows contact number UK

to identify and fix the problem without wasting time.

Windows Updates Not Working: This is a common issue but it’s important to fix it so you don’t miss out on critical updates for your system. There are usually a number of error codes which come up and specific fixes are provided by Windows support for each of the errors. Professionals at

Windows helpline number UK

offer the right solution for users if updates are not working properly.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) Error on Windows: This is a serious Windows error which can cause critical damage to the system and must be addressed properly. Some of the reasons could be improperly connected wires or cables or incompatible software which might cause BSoD error. These are the steps one can follow to resolve the issue:

  1. Disable Automatically Restart option by going to My Computer>Properties>Advanced. Go to Settings and Recovery>Settings. Go to System Failure and uncheck Automatically Restart option. One can also log in with safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly while the system reboots to try and fix the Windows error.
  2. System Restore: This is a standard option to be used for restoring Windows to an earlier date along with Windows settings which might help fix the issue.
  3. Update System Drivers: Updating system drivers might help resolve the issue which might have been caused due to incompatible or outdated drivers being in place.

If these steps don’t help the user, customer professionals can be sought for assistance at Windows support number UK for a solution. They are supposed to have technical expertise to deal with such critical errors and help save any critical data on your system.

Apart from general Windows related errors, there are a number of issues specific to Windows 10 which trouble users while installing or using Windows 10, which includes:

  1. Not having enough space to Install Windows 10
  2. Is Your PC capable of running Windows 10
  3. How To Activate Windows 10
  4. Software Update Related Issues

Microsoft offers specialized Windows support for each version of Windows OS including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. There can be several software compatibility issues for each version of the Windows which are dealt with at length by Microsoft in the support material it provides online along with on-phone support for customers in need of immediate assistance on

Windows customer care number UK.


  • Complications in installing windows on the system.
  • Audio-Video is not playing at all.
  • Getting fatal error messages from the windows.
  • Crashes abruptly.
  • Not getting proper updates.
  • Runs too slowly.

These are the issues that users of windows are facing and here, our technicians are large enough to give you proper solution for the issue you face in right way. They give you such services in resolving any tech issue.


  • Solution for installation issue of windows.
  • Resolve not playing audio-video issue.
  • Help in removing fatal error messages.
  • Assistance in fixing abrupt crashes that you face.
  • Help you in getting proper update for the program.
  • Assist you in making windows run at its normal speed.

Customer Help Number the one which is one of the best technical support providers. We have been working in the industry for a long time and have helped hundreds of windows users in fixing the problems. We have a team of qualified and experienced technicians who are 24 x 7 available at

Windows Support Number UK

to give you an accurate and immediate resolution for tech hitches.

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